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Gamma is a development environment to realize complete systems by configuring and programming of objects:

but gamma is also...

Where to use gamma?

Due to this high flexibility, gamma suits for the application in nearly all areas of technology:

HTML in Automation

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MGR window manager in Automation

The MGRŠ (ManaGeR) basically was a window system written for UNIX computer (known portations to: SUN, DEC 3100, APPLE AUX, ATT3B1 and 7300) developed from the Bellcore company. The Source code is available to everyone (similar to X-Windows). You may have access via a ftp server called in the internet or from the next USENET server.

MGRŠ as the window layer running on OS9Š 68000 CPU for the following reasons:

The concept of MGRŠ is very similar to X-Windows, but more compact and can be started under X-Windows.

The way it works:






is an efficient tool to operate your OS-9Š/680x0. You can copy, erase, rename with a mouse click. Showing a file, start a program with a mouse click. MDT runs, like the most other programs, parallel to gamma.

hc, Hardcopy for OS-9Š

The hc-program version 1.2 is perfect in making quick screenshots. The most important printers, black and white or color, are supported (e.g. HP laser jet, NEC series, and HP ink jet series). In addition, an enhanced version of a public domain picture processing program called PBM-plus is included. Originally it was designed for UNIX, but now it is compiled to use it with OS-9Š/680x0).