Monkey BETA Release

This document contains information about the current beta release of Monkey, the HTML browser for real-time and embedded systems. The beta release is available for the operating systems Linux (PC), LynxOS (PC), OS-9/68xxx, SunOS/Solaris and VxWorks (68k). Release date: 07/16/97.

Suggestions are welcome! Please include a priority if you send some!

Restrictions - Known Problems - Release History

Restrictions of the Beta release (07/16/97)

Here is the (probably incomplete) list of missing features, especially with respect to the HTML 3.2 standard:

Feature / Markup Tag Comments
Display Monkey run on a 256 or 16 colors display only.
<TEXTAREA> Multi-line text fields are not supported yet, but will be included in the final release.
<INPUT type=image>< /FONT> Graphical submit buttons in forms are not supported yet, but will be available in the final version. The ISMAP and MAP attributes of the <IMG> markup tag are supported already.
<INPUT type=file>< /FONT> Not supported
<INPUT type=text>< /FONT> The maximum input length is 254 characters.
<ISINDEX> The maximum input length is 254 characters.
Mailto The "mailto" reference is not supported (even if used in these documents. But perhaps you want to browse them with another browser).
Frames Not supported
Server-side includes The local emulation of server-side includes by the browser is not yet supported.
JPEG Currently only available for Digital UNIX, Linux, LynxOS, OS-9/68xxx and SunOS/Solaris.
Animated GIFs Not supported
Multiple windows Multiple windows are not supported yet
Printing documents Not supported
Find Only strings without word delimiters can be found correctly.
Disk and memory cache Not available yet
Keyboard accelerators Keyboard accelerators for navigation will be available in the final release.

Known Problems (07/16/97)

Problem Description
Cut/Copy Cutting/Copying in tables doesn't work sometimes
Tables Certain tables are not rendered perfectly.

Release History

Date Description
02/27/97 First beta release
02/28/97 GIFs with transparent background are now supported.
03/07/97 Monkey now can browse directories, text files (text/plain), GIF- (image/gif) and JPEG- (image/jpeg) files.
Several problems with forms and transparent GIFs have been fixed.
03/12/97 Menus, bookmarks and a bookmark editor have been added.
Documents can be saved now.
Some problems with CR/LF in HTTP /Mime headers have been fixed.
Added icon buttons.
03/19/97 Added client pull mechanism.
Several fixes (GIFs, CGI scripts)
03/22/97 Added better (corrected) fonts.
Added "Find" dialog (but no searching yet)
04/03/97 Added searching of strings without word delimiters.
Fixed several bugs with browser-side CGI scripts.
Fixed a problem when locating anchors in tables.
Fixed some segmentation faults.
04/21/97 Added JPEG conversion program for OS-9/68xxx.
Fixed several problems with table rendering.
Added color setting dialog in preferences.
Added support for 16 colors displays.
05/07/97 Added keyboard accelerators for tool bar and menus.
Added option -t (touchscreen).
07/16/97 Incorporated the new ALib features.
Fixed bookmark editing.
Fixed URL parsing ( file:).
Table rendering improved.
07/24/97 Fixed propagation of certain alignment attributes.