Monkey HTML Samples

The following examples show some capabilities of the Monkey HTML browser:


This is the upper left cell in a table A cell with a different background color
This is a header cell (even if not in the first row) This cell contains another table with a wide border and different alignments in the cells:


C Two

And this cell spans two columns. Cells can span rows, too, but this is not demonstrated here.


Bushbaby BushbabyImages can be aligned to the left or the right. It's also possible to align one image to the left and another one to the right, as shown here. Please note that the space around the right image is much larger than the space around the left image!

The ISINDEX Markup Tag

This is a simple example for the ISINDEX tag. You can enter arguments for the ls (UNIX) or dir (OS-9/68xxx) command after placing the mouse over the yellow input field and pressing the left mouse button. Then hit RETURN to submit your request. This request is executed locally by means of Monkey's builtin CGI interface. This works with Monkey only!

Display directory (enter options):

Client-Side Image Maps

Monkey supports client-side image maps. Click into one of the red areas below ... Usemap shapes


The HTML forms interface allows you to define HTML documents containing forms to be filled out by users. The user fills out the form and presses a button indicating the form should be "submitted". The information on the form is sent to server for processing by a CGI program. Monkey is able to execute these programs (typically shell, Perl or Python scripts) locally, without the need of a server. Please feel free to test Monkey's form capabilities (this works with Monkey only!):

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