The P4XM extends the IO capabilities of the powerful P4X VMEbus cpu board through the possibilty of using up to four MA-Modules or M-Modules.

The pair P4X / P4XM permits the construction of compact and low cost industrial controllers.



Manufacturing quality

 The SimTech products are manufactured using high quality components. Each board is submitted to a 12 hours burn in.

 Technical specifications

 M-Modules supported

Feature description
M-Module compatible 40 pin module connector
MA-Module compatible 60 pin module connector
A08 8 bit addressing
A16 (*) 16 bit addressing
A24 (*) 24bit addressing
DMA (**) DMA transfers
D08 8 bit data size
D16 16 bit data size
D32 32 bit data size
burst access not supported
IDENT module identification
INTA module with software-end-of-interrupt vector is supplied by P4XM
INTB module with hardware-end-of-interrupt vector is supplied by P4XM
INTC module with hardware-end-of-interrupt with vector transmission from module
TRIGA intermodule trigger
TRIGB intermodule trigger

notes :

(*) only one module may be programmed to use A16,A24 at a time

(**) only one module may be programmed to use DMA transfers at a time


Input/output connections


 P4x address mapping

 P4x DMA channel

 Trigger lines

 P4x Mezzanine Card Slot Connector

 Power Requirements

 Board Size



Ordering information

 P4XM P4X M-Module carrier


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