MGR Runtime


The MGR is a smart and compact graphical window environment dedicated to industrial applications such as embedded and real-time systems. In addition, the MGR also runs on the development system where it makes the programmer's life much easier.

The MGR has everything and more that can be expected from a window system. In addition to the powerful server, many extremely helpful tools are part of the Industrial SYSTEM-PAK I/MGR delivery. Such tools comprise text and image browser, desktop setup selector, icon and font viewer and, last not least, a graphical shell that interfaces with a directory tree viewer. Having once used these tools, many people have difficulties to imagine how the ever could live without!

The MGR server and the tools have identical functionality and identical design of the user interface on all supported operating systems.

Operating Systems

Graphics Devices

Input Devices

Fonts and Icons

Standard Utilities

Graphical Shell

HTML Browser

Other Desktop Applications

Note: Some desktop applications are not available for a VxWorks or pSOS target

See also: MGR Development System