Graphical Window System

Real-time compliant - Embedded systems - Network capabilities - Platform-independent - WEB enabled

MGR ToolsTough tools to reduce time-to-market

Equip your operating system with state-of-the-art-tools: file manager, icon editor, image viewer, text browser, HTML browser and much more. Use a GUI builder that is optimized for efficiency, and you will profit from unrestricted functionality of a hierarchical library system.

Here are screen shots of some MGR tools .

MGR GUI Sample 2Do it your way with MGR

There are virtually no restrictions when designed a particular user interface. The choice is yours: design the user interface to be similar to existing ones or let it correspond to a machine's overall design concept.

Here are some more examples.

MGR Video SampleFirst things first

The MGR is extremely flexible. Define the operating system, the main processor and the graphic board, and the MGR will run on it.* The MGR even runs in an overlay graphic plane on top of a live video presentation. Select from a variety of supported pointing devices such as mouse, trackball, trackpad and touch panels.

* See supported platform specifications below.

A screenshot shows you MGR running in an X window .

MGR Process Visualization SampleSuccess is spelled MGR!

Many users have already chosen the MGR graphic system as their tool of choice, successfully launching a new software generation where effectively meeting customers' needs is achievable in a reliable framework. When will you join the group of satisfied users?

Please have a look at some more screen shots !

Development and Runtime Packages

Two packages are available: The development package ,called Professional SYSTEM-PAK I/MGR Plus, allows the creation of MGR applications. The run-time system , called Industrial SYSTEM-PAK I/MGR, is required for the target.

Supported Platforms

Operating Systems:

Digital Unix, Linux, LynxOS, OS-9/68xxx, pSOS (Q4 1997), SunOS, Solaris, VxWorks


Alpha AXP, i80x86/Pentium, MC68xxx, SPARC

Input Devices:

Mouse, trackball, touchpad, touchscreen, lightpen

Graphic Controllers:

ACRTC, ATI, CG3/CG6, CT65xxx, ET4000, GD542x, i82786, QPDM, WD90Cxx, others
More than 70 VMEbus graphic boards supported

Graphic Systems:

X Window, other systems (Windows, MacOS etc.) via X server, Windows 95/NT (with MGP Graphic Server)